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Collections and Series

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Artist Statement

Eric Rottcher Through my work, I embrace the unpredictability of creation, allowing each piece to unfold organically, without the constraints of preconceived plans or expectations. This approach is not just a method but a philosophy, resonating with the core tenets of absurdism, where the search for meaning in a seemingly indifferent universe becomes a creative act in itself. My work is a dialogue with the unknown, a series of questions rather than answers, reflecting the spontaneous interplay between my inner world and the medium at hand.

Each artwork emerges as a surprise, a revelation of hidden thoughts and emotions, revealing layers of myself that were previously unexplored. This process is akin to a visual journal, capturing fleeting moments of clarity amidst the chaos of existence, each piece a unique snapshot of a particular state of mind. Through this journey, I seek not to impose meaning but to discover it, crafting a personal narrative in a world where none is given, finding beauty and significance in the act of creation itself.