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Collections and Series

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Artist Statement

Eric Rottcher My work is ultimately about me. Each thing I create is in the pursuit of self discovery. I am an absurdist at heart, and I believe that if a person ever hopes to make sense out of their own existence, they must create their own meaning. This idea is at the very core of my artistic expression.

I embrace the unpredictability of creation by allowing each piece to unfold organically, without the many constraints of preconceived plans or expectations. This approach is not just a method but a philosophy, resonating with the core tenets of absurdism, where the search for meaning in a seemingly indifferent universe becomes a creative act in itself. My work is a dialogue with my subconscious, a series of questions rather than answers, reflecting the spontaneous interplay between my inner world and the medium at hand.

Each piece emerges as a surprise, a revelation of hidden thoughts and emotions, revealing layers of myself that were previously unknown or even forgotten. My works are like visual journal entries, each one capturing fleeting moments of clarity amidst the cacophony of life; a partial memory or a unique snapshot of a particular state of mind. I seek not to impose meaning but to discover it, crafting a personal narrative in a world where none is given, finding beauty and significance in the act of creation itself.